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Christmas 2018

Traditions this year that I want to remember:

- Making Orange & Clove Pomanders
- Picking out a real Christmas tree on the day after thanksgiving
- Decorating the tree together while listening to Christmas tunes
- Making a small batch of snowflake Christmas sugar cookies together
- Eggs Benedict and mimosas on our snow day!
- Watching Christmas movies: Christmas with the Kranks 

Our three year anniversary - we celebrated with dinner at the Italian restaurant "Connected" - despite a mix up with our waiters where Isaac thought he was ordering the "Prime Rib Special" and instead they brought him the "Cheese Tortellini Special" - it was a lovely evening!

Christmas with the Funks on Christmas Eve!

Christmas with the Waldbeser Family the days following Christmas!

We traveled up to North Carolina to go snow skiing and ended up getting rained out! :(

 So, we headed back home, stopping for tacos at the White Duck Taco Shop. (…

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