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Sometimes it seems like the nurses around me were just born nurses. I mean, how could they have ever felt as clueless as I do right now?
 Did they ever not know what to do when they looked at the results of their patient's blood gasses?
Did they ever have no idea what class of medication hydralazine is in?
Did they ever feel like crying when they had a patient yell at them for the first time?

They seem so confident - in their natural element
like they could administer IVs in their sleep,
like they can read a patient as soon as they lay eyes on them,
like they can be totally understanding to the patient who is screaming at them.

I once heard someone describe completing nursing school to having a baby. They said that when you are pregnant with your first and approaching delivery, that you look at other women who have given birth and think, "How did they give birth and come out the other side OK? How have all these women done THIS?"  That is how I feel when I look at other…

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