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Living Room Garden

"I love that you have plants in here" Lydia mused as she sat in on our sofa during our recent afternoon together. My long-time girlhood friend was recently in town &  we were reserved an afternoon to sit and chat, with no where to be and nothing to do but be together.
Lydia continued by retelling of visiting an exhibit produced by Habit for Humanity a few years ago. She remembered this exhibition having replications of tiny houses and shacks lived in by the poor throughout the world. Surprisingly, in these shacks of absolute poverty, there was often one item out of place - a television or a light bulb hanging. Despite no electricity or function for these items, they were there. "A sign of hope, of better times ahead. " Lydia explained.
And she went on to explain that she also sees plants inside homes in the winter the same way - as signs of hope, of better times ahead - that spring actually will come, and these plants will live to see the sunshine! :)

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