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Paris, France (Part Two)

After dinner, we walked about a block, past our apartment and the metro station, across the busy intersection and past a few vendors with Eiffel tower trinkets for sale.
And there she was - the famous Eiffel. We took a selfie and sat down on the edge of the fountain facing her. As the sun set, the air became cold and my skirt felt thin. I cuddled into Isaac's side and we watched people come and go, taking selfies and videos or just standing to gaze at the Eiffel against the night sky.
We watched the elevator in the Eiffel going up and down - and wondered what the restaurant inside the tower is like and what the perspective is from the view inside.

On the hour, the Eiffel sparkled. It was reminiscent of fireworks on the forth of July - a crowd watching and waiting. And then, the exclamations and cheers once it began. One of my favorite and most iconic memories of Paris. :)  

The next morning, Isaac took me to Angelina's for an unforgettable French Brunch.

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