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Currently Reading: The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

Isaac read this book earlier this year and when he told me about it, I knew I needed to read it! In the strange season this year has been for me (and all of us!), this book breathed fresh air into my soul. In such practical language, it has given me new vision for walking in the sweet easy yoke of Jesus - finding the simplicity and joy in coming to Him and slowing down. John Mark Comer's wit and style of writing is just so enjoyable as well! Highly recommend this book! "...there's something about the human condition that makes us want to hurry our way through life as fast as we possibly can, to rebel again the limitation of time itself. Due to our immaturity, dysfunction and addiction, God has command his people to do something deeply life giving - rest." (pg 159)  "If it's true that goodness and mercy follow me 'all the days of my life'  how many days do I miss that goodness in my helter-skelter race to cram it all in before sunset? Rush past that m…

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