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Autumn Memories 2019

Moments from the last few months to remember.

We have loved having a fireplace! One of our favorite evenings off together is sitting in front of the fire with wassail (another favorite :D), reading or talking. The coziness of this season is just so sweet!

In September, Dad & Mom Funk came to stay with us! It was wonderful to have them here.

One day, we went to the Atlanta Breakfast Club before heading across the street to the Aquarium.

We walked through the CNN center & I just couldn't resist this cute photo op :)

I was in the mood for some frosted sugar cookies this year! Lexi & Ashlyn came over to help me make some autumn sugar cookies. It was a lovely afternoon of relaxing decorating while chatting & sipping chai tea. 

In October, we went camping with our Waldbeser family.  It was a great time in north GA. Pretty much the only photos I have are of Isaac's campfire chili! :) It spent most of the afternoon cooking over the fire  & was absolutely deliciou…

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