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Salzburg, Austria

The stretch of our drive when we left the Czech Republic and drove into Austria is the most memorable and most beautiful in my mind. Isaac started feeling a bit nauseous that afternoon & so we drove with the windows down for a good bit after crossing the Austrian boarder. The scent of cow farms blended with the mountain air and left me feeling enchanted by this beautiful land. Salzburg was breathtaking. My favorite city of our time in Europe.
Mozart's home! We stayed in a hostel overlooking the city (the building on the mountain above the city pictured below) We ate dinner on Saturday night at Humboldt Stubn. I ate this traditional *very* cheesy pasta with crispy onions and green scallions. 
Sunday morning breakfast outside of our hostel. Austrian church bells rang in the otherwise quiet city below. "Gradually there crept into my mind the realization that God sees this all the time. He sees it, experiences it, knows it from every possib…

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