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#nursingschool (Semester Two)

Two semesters, one year of nursing school behind me. Finishing this semester was an amazing feeling. It was a good semester - definitely challenging in new ways, but also more exciting and interesting than the previous semester. I am continually amazed by the way our professors throw us into things before I ever feel ready. "Go change that wound dressing - yes, I know you've never done it, but you know how and I'll be watching - just be confident!" .....and I go in shaking. :)  But, I have learned to love that amazing feeling after doing something new - feeling more and more like a nurse each week.
My patients were wonderful! I loved some many of them and felt so privileged to get to know them and be involved with their care.

Katie has been a dear friend to me - the things we have learned together and the things she has taught me about preserving no matter what you "feel" or how exhausted you are - have blessed me so much! She has faced incredible traged…

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