Here we are, on our wedding day, the twentieth of December, 2015.

We took lots of photos, and wept tears and laughed out joy. I felt as if I were dancing with blissful wonder as I walked down the aisle to him - to this man named Isaac. Our dads spoke, our families surrounded us, and we became husband & wife. We ate cake, and sat at the piano, and danced to a favorite song. Then we bid farewell to our families - to the parents who are bore us, to the brothers & sisters we dreamed with, to the dear friends we have shared life with.

We drove away. And our life together began.

Nothing about our courtship had gone quite how we had dreamed or imagined. In the most surreal way, our hearts were drawn together and we accepted the invitation from our Heavenly Father to walk forward into this journey of becoming husband and wife.

So, here we go! Here's to the beautiful days ahead. Welcome to my journal.


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