"I'm glad you are here."

We were driving over the bridge towards our East Peoria apartment tonight.

I looked over at Ike and smiled - feeling much the same and grateful for the stirring up of old memories and the reminder of how precious it is to be married. A year ago right now, we lived hundreds of miles apart. Phones were our form of communication to bridge between the weekends we were able to be together.

Long distance relationships do have a sense of romantic beauty and story-like glamor in thought! Yet, my favorite memories of our engagement are definitely the times we got to spend together, in person.

Visiting the school he then taught at - the first time I got to sit in on music class. :)

 Spending time getting to know Ryan, Alyssa and their sweet boys during that visit is a special memory.

I remember loving Ike's Petersburg apartment! It made me smile and my heart was exploding with dreams of our future, and of our home together.

Long distance selfies. :) :) :)

Our showers.

Memories of being engaged have a special place in my heart - but those memories make me so grateful that we are married and together daily now! :)


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