Durbach, Germany (The Castle)

After our morning in Schilltach, we passed an unexpected castle on the interstate! We pulled off at the next exit & Isaac directed Tyler by the map on his phone to a road that was near enough to get a good photo. But the road just kept going and we soon realized we were headed directly up to the castle!

(our first glimpse from the interstate - we wanted a closer look. :)
The castle is actually a hostel!
There was a small summer camp (a music camp we thought based on the instruments being played) being held there.

Vineyards surrounded the castle on all sides.
We wandered the grounds and up the towers.

There was a lovely little rose garden in one courtyard area.

 I was gasping & exclaiming at the beauty and sweetness of this little rose garden & my husband, knowing the bliss I was in, pulled me to himself for a little waltz.

Discovering this castle was such a beautiful & magical experience. It felt like our own little private castle. I love that it is a hostel - how amazing it would be to stay there! I couldn't help dreaming of bringing our little ones here someday & watching them play kings & queens & princesses & knights while Ike & I sat in the rose garden journaling or reading. :) 

It was an experience to treasure.


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