Schilltach, Germany

We had just stepped out of our car in this delightful town when a German lady rolled down her car window & warmly welcomed us to the town! She encouraged us to visit the town's little museum. 
We felt so much like tourists, but like WANTED tourists. We felt like the only non-locals walking around town that Tuesday morning. 

Schilltach is known in the Black Forest region for its wood-timbered houses. During our time in Germany, I think this is the only town we visited where a large majority of the homes were wood-timbered. 

This gentle stream running through the town - so blissful! 

I was totally amazed by the stunning boxes of flowers everywhere in Germany - but especially this town. Who plants and waters and cares for these flowers that are everywhere in this town? How are they all blooming everywhere? I'd love to listen to the wisdom and secrets of floral gardening in Germany.  


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