Stuttgart, Germany

We woke to our the last morning of our road trip with Tyler & Laura in Stuttgart. 
The night before, we had driven to our guesthouse just outside of Stuttgart. For dinner, we had driven into town to a traditional little German place. We were seated in a corner with no windows & within minutes, we were all sweating! Our cold drinks couldn't have come sooner & were gone all too soon. However, despite the circumstances, I fondly remember the conversation we shared that night.
We started our last morning at Café Da.

We sat in this courtyard area, enjoying our coffee & these last moments of our road trip. At the far end of the courtyard, children were playing outside - yelling and chasing one another. I think it was a day care or kindergarten. We watched their play & thought of Isaac's littlest students. :) 


As we left Café Da, Tyler & Laura drove us to the Stuttgart Train Station, where we said goodbye. As the white rental car drove away, we suddenly felt very sad & deeply wished they were coming with us to Paris that afternoon.
We had a few hours before our train left, so we explored a nearby market hall!

So many beautiful things for sale!

I love this photo of Ike yelping our lunch place - I didn't realize until later that he was standing in front of an anarchy symbol. Ooops! I almost deleted this photo, but I just couldn't - I still love this moment & how it captures the way he travels - researching well along the way to make our time even more wonderful.

The afternoon pasted quickly as we explored and people watched. We soon walked back to the train station, beginning the next part of our journey - Paris. 


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