Winter Break

Mmmmh, December, you were wonderful. Your festivities, and music, and family time, and my husband having a rest from teaching were a blissful gift. Christmas always seems to come at the perfect time - bringing perspective and new gifts to refresh my heart.

The month began with all the joy, excitement and stress of Christmas concerts. The concerts all went so beautifully - my heart was bursting with pride to be the wife of their director and to see their improvement since the concert last May. 

The very cutest concert this year was the 2nd & 3rd grade's mini musical "Freeze Frame." It was an amazing experience to see how the parents got involved to build props and help make this musical an adorable production.

One evening, we drove down to Decatur to attend Milliken University's Vespers. Sitting in that concert hall, absorbing the sounds and sights stirred me into the Christmas spirit, and into a spirit of prayer and thanksgiving to our Good Father. Truly, my favorite Christmas concert I have attended.

Other sweet December memories include cookie baking with Erin & Mom and the start of winter break!

Making brunch together - one of my favorite winter break memories.

The Funk Christmas was such a good time. I love that holidays are an excuse for a long family day. I love giving and receiving gifts! It is such a neat process to think through and dream up something that will bless members of your family.

Christmas Eve, we headed to Georgia! We greeted the warm temperatures and warm hearts of our family with thankfulness! It was good to be in our Georgia home.

One day, we went up to Atlanta, ate some delicious Italian pizza,  

It was so so good to be together - and although the time ended quickly and left me feeling rather unsatisfied and wanting more, it also felt right and good.

Lunch with Michelle - always a delight and blessing. 

Our first anniversary came right at the start of winter break. We celebrated with dinner out at a place we have dreamed of trying in  Peoria Heights. We feel so loved by our Father as we look back & as we look forward.

I love this man. I'm so glad to be his.


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