"For there is no state of mind so holy, so excellent, and so truly perfect as that of thankfulness to God..." "Receive every day as a resurrection from death, as a new enjoyment of life; melting every rising sun with such sentiment of God's goodness as if you had seen it, and all things, newly created upon your account; and under the sense of so great a blessing, let your joyful heart praise and  magnify so good and glorious a Creator." (William Law)

Oh, to see everything, everyday, as a gift, as an expression of His goodness! I am amazed at how hard it is for me to practice this discipline - the celebration of life! I want to smile in the beauty all around. I want to see the beauty. I want to see His Presence - and I'm not even speaking of the angels & visions way of seeing Him. I am yearning for the sense of His nearness, the fellowship of His Spirit, the heart to see in everything how it is from Him and for Him and so very good and just beautiful to behold.

The sunlight today - it is warm! It is sending a glow upon the window curtain to my left. It is melting the snow off the steps leading up to our apartment. It is cheering the midst of this winter month. It is a gift - a reminder of His Presence, of His character. He does warm the cold and brings such cheer the gloom. It whispers that the cold & snow are here now & they hold a loveliness of their own, but that they are not forever & someday soon the sun will melt all this winter away & the flowers will bloom & the grass will be green. And I will go barefoot outside! :)

"It is because we live in the ugliness of sin that the beauty of God does not make us happy." (WL)

......He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.


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