Winter's End.

Moments I don't want to forget from the last few weeks of winter 2017:

- Avocado Toast breakfast in bed, prepared by my loving Ike.

- Birthday tulips from a friend. They smelled so amazing!! I'm excited to plant the bulbs in our yard.

- Sushi! First time we've gotten it together since being married. It was so delicious and special!

-Decorating for Easter, awaiting spring.

- A breakfast date for coffee and toast at Zion after Isaac preached at the rescue mission.

- Making pizza together on cozy weekends.

- I love getting to visit school and see all the adorable notes Isaac gets! :)

- A visit from our dear family and sweet times together.

- Bread making! A favorite hobby this winter.

- Dreaming of Germany! :)

- The travel section at Barnes & Noble has become one of our favorite Saturday spots.

- Good quality time while squeezing key limes for Ike's birthday pie.

- Fresh coffee :)


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