Cleaning is bliss.

There are moments of pure bliss while I am cleaning. Last week, I paused to sigh out my contentment - the joy of my job sinking in.

Of course, I struggle to enjoy it at times. I burst into tears when a vacuum stops working, and I let out a little growl of frustration when I accidentally miss the trashcan while emptying the vacuum's contents. Or when I walk into a house, trip on the doorstep, and spill my coffee on the rug. There are weeks that I feel exhausted and cleaning is less than enjoyable and as I shake out rugs and wipe down showers, I imagine the other jobs I wish I had.

But, then when I think about the honor it is to be trusted with caring for my clients' homes and I see the difference I am able to make in making their life easier. And I realize how awesome my hours are and the fact that I am my own boss and the creativity I can employ in making homes beautiful. And the families I have been privileged to meet, and the things I've learned about cleaning well, and the way a clean house makes me feel - every time I leave one. I love to clean! I love my job.

And the time cleaning gives me! Hours at a time of opportunity to listen. My cleaning time has become so valuable to me - podcasts have become my dear friend. :) Outside of cleaning, I do not think I would otherwise find time for listening to podcasts. What a sad thought!

My favorite podcasts this month:

- The Simple Show by Tsh Oxenreider

- setapartgirl by Leslie Ludy

- Bon Appetit Foodcast

- 99% Invisible

- The Dave Ramsey Show

I'm so thankful for right now. I'm not sure how long I will continue to clean homes, so I want to appreciate, accept and enjoy the blessing it is to me at this time.


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