Panama City Beach, Florida

This spot on the beach has been a place of consistency in our family for quite a few years. It felt so good to return to the place we love with those we love. 

 One night, the sunset was more stunning than usual. So vibrant and amazing!

One day, we rented a boat and took it to a private state park beach on a small island known as "Shell Island." The weather was amazing and the sealife was beautiful - we found a few live starfish, live sand dollars and some large crabs.

 We had many sweet times at Fonville Press. The water fountain in the courtyard to the left of the coffee shop was steady, soothing, relaxing - drowning out background noise just enough that it was easy to focus on reading or journaling or conservation. The morning that Ike & I went, he read Andrew Murray & I read Dallas Willard and it felt perfect.

I can still taste the coconut ice coffee - such a deliciously sweet beach drink!

 It is a rare treat to have girl time, and the setting at Fonville was so peaceful and beautiful. It started raining a bit as we sat there, but we tried not to notice, eager to just soak up the richness of the moment.

 It is hard to believe that this time at the beach, so long awaited, is already behind us! It was a lovely week of enjoying the rare treat of each other's company.

Already looking forward to next time! :) xoxo


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