Waldbeser Family Vacation 2018

Another wonderful week at Panama City's Laguna beach - our home away from home!

 The fourth of July on the beach was very memorable. Way more intimate than we imagined! There were people setting off fireworks all up and down the beach. It was amazing from afar, but when the guys 30 feet away starting setting them off, it got a little closer at times than I was comfortable with! At one point, one firework was coming straight for us and went off feet away from Sheree - I was screaming in panic! Definitely a July 4th to remember - a fond memory to laugh back on.

This week included a record amount of game playing!

Homemade pizza night. We all choose a partner and designed our own pizzas! Delicious!

We couldn't pass the opportunity to slip away to Fonville Press at Aly's Beach for some girl time!

Dinner on the Pier our last night 

The week went all too fast, but with as sweet of memories as ever!


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