May and June were full of good-byes.

Leaving Peoria and those we love who are there was incredibly bittersweet. There is a sweetness in goodbyes as it evokes in us how deeply we care about and love one another, despite the pain of the coming separation. It felt so unnatural and natural in the same moment.


Aunt Mary & Nola's home has been a haven for us over the last 3+ years. We spent many long hours sitting with them, sharing stories, music, laughter, tears, hopes, dreams, and sorrows. Their genuine and honest walk with Christ refreshes our soul and pushes us ever forward in adoring Him.

When we go back to Peoria, their home will always be at the top of our list.

These dear bible study girls! They loved me and were my friend even when I was a terrible friend in return. They prayed me through nursing school and celebrated with me at its end! 

Sheryl was my long-distance friend turned real friend and now we are returning to long-distance friendship. I loved the amount of time we were able to spend together - taking walks on the trail through East Peoria, drinking tea on the sofa, and sharing in her joy as she & Nick were engaged and now happily married for over a year. 

We shared a lovely dinner with Dad & Mom Funk on their deck the week before we moved. It was such a beautiful evening! 

 An evening with Grandpa and Grandma Funk. Special as ever!

Isaac's last semester at District 50 in Washington, Illinois was full of many sweet and emotional moments. He will miss and be missed by so many of the students there! 

My last few weeks at OSF were wonderful. I have felt so encouraged and blessed by these nurses all through nursing school and especially as I graduated and began preparing for my transition into being a registered nurse. 

 My last day - they made me feel so special with all the treats and love. Going to miss this place and these people! I learned so much here and it forever shaped my nursing path.

The week before we moved, Isaac and I took one last day trip up to Chicago to see the broadway show Hamilton. It blew us both away! 

One of the last days before the move, we went for a run on the running trail through East Peoria. Our hearts were at the epitome of bittersweet-ness; bursting with excitement for the journey ahead and yet acutely aware of how sad we were to leave our home of the last 3.5 years. As we finished our run, an amazing full rainbow greeted us. We stood and gazed in its beauty, praising God for His faithfulness in our lives - and to the world as this symbol reminds us. In the fuzzy days of loading and unloading the moving truck and emptying our apartment that followed, this moment stands out to me as a special last memory in East Peoria.

And before we knew it, we had arrived at our new home on Cranford Mill Drive!


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