For the last few weeks of summer, we did some house sitting in Brimfield. It was the perfect way to end summer - in a beautiful home in the quiet countryside. These memories are so sweet!

"Indeed it is true that all life really begins in dreams.
Surely the lover dreams of his mistress - the maiden of her mate.
Surely mothers dream of the little ones that sleep under their hearts
and fathers plan for their children before they hold them in their arms.

Every work of man is first conceived in the worker's soul and wrought out first in his dreams.
And the wondrous work itself,
with its myriad forms of life,
with its grandeur,
its beauty and its loveliness;
the stars and the heavenly bodies of light that crown the universe;
the marching of the days from the Infinite to the Infinite;
the procession of the years from Eternity to  Eternity;
all this, indeed, is but God's good dream." (Harold Bell Wright)

The last few months, I have been reading a book lent to me by a friend, full of poetic reflections about life, including the one above. It has made me smile and rejoice in the beauty of life.

"Poor old world, you are so "grown up" these days and your palate is so educated to the artificial flavor that you have forgotten, seemingly, how peaches taste when ripened on the trees. God pity you, old world, if you do not soon get back into the orchard before you lose your taste for fruit altogether." (Harold Bell Wright)


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