Winter Break 2017

Our winter break was wonderful - full of sweet, simple moments.

I love that Isaac enjoys decorating for Christmas with me. We picked out a Christmas playlist on Spotify and made some hot chocolate and decorated together. Last year and this year we have borrowed a Christmas tree from Isaac's parents - I love the size of it and how it looks with our ornaments on it.

 On the day of my last final, Isaac totally outdid himself! I arrived home to a house full of candles, this new little Christmas tree, a beautiful card, and the bathroom all ready for a long and relaxing bath. It was an amazing start to the holiday.

I've been picking up some extra hours at work - this group of nurses is such an honor to be part of. One day, the whole group of us working were wearing coordinating colors - so we took a photo break :)

Our second anniversary ~ so special.

We went to Noir for dinner and had their amazing sticky toffee pudding for dessert.
Shopping for cheese for our cheese ball!

Enjoying the leftover cheese :)

Beautiful snow and quiet moments together.

One night, we went up on the East Peoria hill by the big wreath facing the Illinois River. It was lovely and beautiful to overlook Peoria. We held hands and listened to Christmas music and sighed with contentment.

New Year's Eve! Sledding down the big hill at Dad & Mom Funk's ⛄

We enjoyed meeting Dusty & Erin's new little Christmas puppy. He is as cuddly as a teddy bear.

 New Year's Eve dinner - we gathered around to enjoy delicious food including Alyssa's beautiful poached pear salad and oysters and to enjoy a time of reminiscence and reflection over the past year.

New Year's morning by the fire.

I was soaking up every moment I got with my little nephew Elliot - he is so snuggly, smiley and precious. I'm so glad God gave him to the family this past year!


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