Snow Day!

 We awoke one morning with phone messages from both of our schools: SNOW DAY!! It felt unbelievably wonderful! I ended up working every weekend in November, so we had had very little time together over the last few weeks. Suddenly, we had a day with nothing we had to do but be together.

It felt like Christmas morning!

Isaac turned on some Christmas Jazz.

We made Eggs Benedict together.

We just sat and talked for hours.

 It was just blissful. I wanted a picture of us from that day to remember it. :)

One of my absolute favorite movies, Anne of Green Gables, has a winter scene involving Marilla sticking cloves into oranges as she tells Anne that she is invited to a Christmas Ball with the Berrys. I always wondered what she was doing in that scene!

 Isaac and I were talking about it and decided to research it. We found that "Orange and Clove Pomanders" are actually an old Christmas/New Years tradition - dating back to the 17th century in England. We made some as we listened to an audio book and I'm dreaming of it being a new yearly tradition. They smell delicious and so festive.


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