#nursingschool (Semester Four)

My last semester of Nursing School! 

It was exciting, wonderful, exhausting. 

 We had the opportunity to be involved with critical care simulations for the medical students at the Jump Trading center. It was one of the highlights of the semester as we got to practice being part of the medical team. I did not expect to feel so respected and valued by the medical students - an amazing experience!

 Always so fun with the hospital is giving out free things like popcorn! This day, Bri & I had spent the day in Interventional Radiology, watching liver biopsies and placement of IVC filters.

This day was such an unexpected blessing - getting to be precepted by my mentor's mother! It was so fun! I felt so inspired by the way she showed Christ's love to her patients. 

One perk of being small is that I get to wear the adorable pediatric masks instead of the boring adult ones :)

 Pinning ceremony! I officially finished nursing school! :) 

Professor Reece - one of the best :) 

The weekend of the pinning ceremony was truly such an emotional time. I realized to a new extent how grateful I was for the love and prayers of those who had carried me through these last two years. 

We went to Jonah's afterwards to celebrate. :)


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