Favorite Moments of May

Coffee with my dear Lyddie. It is crazy to think we only live about 40 minutes away from one another! Most of our friendship was 4+ hours in driving distance - my longest and most long-distance friend. "Want to meet for coffee halfway on a Friday night for two hours?" What a joy that our long time dream of being able to "meet just for coffee" has come true!! We are both transitioning into new places and new seasons - but some things will always be the same. :)
Meeting darling little Elliot James Funk.
Mother's day at the park on Grand View.

Sweet moments with Alyssa & her four boys in Springfield!

That day my love said, "Let's have a southern themed dinner party!" And then he grilled peaches to go with the pork loin and toasted pecans for an arugula salad and found some peach nectar to flavor some homemade sweet tea, found some white hydrangeas among the $2 Kroger flowers and showed me how to fold the napkins.

We drank out of mason jars and smelled the delicious cherry & hickory smoked pork drifting over from the grill - and the weather was just perfect - a warm summer evening with a gentle breeze.

All the while I was thinking, "I love this man so much."

Other favorites:
- making sweet tea a few times a week - the summer rituals begin!
- the last day of school & celebrating with dinner out at our favorite Irish pub.
- the day he brought me pizza bread and a java chip frappuccino at work and we got to eat lunch together outside the hospital because he is on summer break!!
- our first walk of the season down the East Peoria walking & biking pathway by our home
- this quote. "Sometimes the way to get to the places that matter is to slow down." (Ann Voskamp)


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