May's Garden Journal

  May 2017 - journal of our pot garden. Our successes, failures & dreams. :)

Our tomato plant was looking so strong & healthy! A much stronger and larger main stem than our tomato plant ever had last summer!  We had been pruning back the buds and suckers waiting for the plant to grew a bit stronger before allowing it to start producing tomatoes.

One day Isaac texted me at work when he got home from school: "Our tomato plant died!"

WHAT?! It  looked so healthy when I had left home this morning.

Sadly, somehow it had snapped in two at the base, leaving only a tiny part of the stem attached to the roots. Alas, we have no idea what damaged our tomato plant - our speculations include the pouncing of a little critter, a neighbor's basketball or perhaps just a violent gust of wind (it was a particularly windy day)? We will probably never know & sadly will likely have a homegrown-tomato-less summer. Since we are leaving in a few weeks, we are thinking we don't have the time to have another plant grow to be strong enough to make it through our time away.

Ike transplanted some succulents from our wedding into separate containers (they were all in one pot together) so they could have room to grow. At first, we weren't sure if they would respond well to the transplant, but all except one are looking strong & healthy & perhaps already starting to grow a bit larger!

So far, other garden highlights this spring include:
 - having swiss chard and arugula to harvest & enjoy! I've been amazed how much our one pot of salad greens has produced! It has been such a fun & tasty addition to our lives. :)
- rooting some pussy willow sprigs and watching them start to green. We are hopeful they will survive & result in a pussy willow bush.
 - deciding to venture into a new project with a little bay tree - maybe to shape into a topiary as it grows?

 - watching our lavender grow & breathing in its amazing scent!
 - the scent & taste of lemon thyme - probably our favorite herb of this season
 - the blooming of the iris outside along our apartment. They are blooming in pink, purple, yellow and blue. It is so fun to have fresh flowers to pick!

Garden disappointments this spring:
 - our tomato plant dying
 - our lemon tree dying - it just couldn't make it through the winter inside. We tried moving it around to catch rays of sun, but sadly, it did not help enough.... definitely a sad day when we realized that we would never pick another lemon from our tiny citrus tree - it brought us much joy & three beautiful lemons. We will remember it fondly :)
 - a pesky little critter digging through our pussy willow pots (I have no idea why he is attracted to the pussy willow sprigs?) and dumping out dirt - making a bit of a mess of our deck. We're trying ways to ward him off and started wondering about borrowing Grandpa's trap. Hopefully it won't come to that. :)

Lastly, the amaryllis that Grandma Funk gave me for my birthday is growing beautifully - we are looking forward to it blooming this summer.


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