(The baby bunny Isaac rescued from a window well on Palm Sunday. It made me smile so much!)

(Fresh picked tulips & daffodils - our kitchen smelled amazing. )

I'm so glad the sun is returning! The winter has seemed very long, but the colder days are fewer and fewer now. And the sun is pouring through our windows again & I'm noticing the warmth of the light again.

I love sitting outside.
Isaac's spring break was wonderful. The weather was beautiful - warm and clear! I loved all the little moments that his spring break brought - sitting together out on our little deck, coming home to find him planting veggies and herbs in our pots, lunch together at Chick-fil-a, and another day lunch together at Thyme.

Easter this year was extremely bittersweet. It was really hard to be away from our dear family in Georgia - especially with the accident and my dear brother & sister being in the hospital for the weekend. More than anything, I  just wanted to hop on an airplane & be there!

However, it was also very sweet to be here in Peoria. It was the first holiday with our new sister, Michaela, which was precious.

Sometimes, it is so hard to have two families you love very much. Holidays are painful and so sweet all at once.

Lastly, spring also means concert season! Isaac's students did a wonderful job at their concerts, but certainly my favorite concert event this season was the Peoria Area Civic Chorale where Isaac sang a solo to "Bridge Over Troubled Water." It was absolutely and deeply beautiful.

Just a few more weeks of school before summer!! :)


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