Dresden, Germany

One Saturday back in January, Ike & I were curled up in Dad & Mom Funk's living room, enjoying their fireplace. The washing machine was turning & buzzing, our weekly laundry load in process. As we sat there, Laura texted about an amazing deal on a flight - and thus began our dreaming and planning. The realization that this trip could actually happen!  

A few weeks later, with our plane tickets purchased, we facetimed Tyler & Laura and began to really plan. They suggested taking a road trip through western and down into southern Germany, passing through Czech Republic and Austria on our way. It sounded absolutely delightful!

Experiencing it was truly beyond what we imagined.

After our initial first few days in Berlin & our day trip to Potsdam, we rented a car and started on our five day international road trip.

First stop: Dresden.

We stopped in for a glass of flavored buttermilk at the famous Dresdner Molkerei Gebruger Pfund. (https://www.pfunds.de/) Peach was the flavor of the day. We shared a glass, nervous that we would not be able to drink a whole cup of buttermilk each. We were nearly able to get a one glass down between the two of us. :)

This famous little dairy shop had ornate tile in rich blues on the walls and ceiling. It was quite the sight. However, they rigorously forbade any photo taking within the shop.

As we walked into the city of Dresden, the air smelled of rain. Moments later, it was pouring! Thankfully, we all had raincoats to wear... well... except Tyler. :(
Isaac the hunchback.

We ran for the shelter of a parking garage while Tyler found a dry corner across the street from us.

The Frauenkirche (Our Lady's Church) 

The Furstenzug mural 

Dresden's architecture was baroque.  Ty & LJ pointed out to us the "blackened" part of the architecture are actually the only remaining original parts of the building. The rest has been rebuilt. Sadly, Dresden was bombed at the end of World War II as a mistake of sorts- the war being over or nearly over and the destruction virtually fruitless.  

The Zwinger
A very famous baroque palace with an unforgettable courtyard. 

Laura & I mused over how it would be to attend a party or wedding or banquet here in this lovely place. It was so big, and yet, the buildings all around provided a sense of safety. I wished I had a reason to stay there all day - Oh, to be wearing a summer gown and have a table to sit at with candles and flowers. Something sparkling to drink, and nothing to do but talk and laugh and eat into the evening.

Standing in this courtyard (with the air still holding the scent of rain) made me wonder about the setting of feasts in the heavenly kingdom. Perhaps a palace courtyard like this, but more heavenly and beautiful?

Someone should film a royal party scene for a movie here. :)


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