Potsdam, Germany

(The dutch quarter of Potsdam) 

Lunch at a market in front of the neogothic Nauen Gate. 

We stood in the longest line at the market for some tasty fresh pasta. 
Potsdam is just a short trip outside of Berlin - we were able to reach it via the Berlin city transit. As a town, it had a quaint-ness about it. The city center seemed small compared to Berlin.

Tyler & Laura had visited Potsdam once or twice before so they quickly guided us out of town to, perhaps, the greatest part of Potsdam - the palace grounds! Because the palace grounds are so expansive, I instantly felt like I had been transported to the countryside. The magnificent buildings with their embellished exteriors and statue-laden courtyards stood alone surrounded by trees and fields and gardens. It was truly unique... winding our way through the wooded areas we were constantly being surprised by yet other gardens, monuments, or even palaces.

 We first came upon the Church of Peace.

This apse is a 13th century mosaic brought to Potsdam by boat after being purchased by the crown prince at an auction. We stood & admired it - the dove, the lamb, the Book of Life.

I looked up what the latin inscript around the apse reads: "Lord, I have love for the site of your house and the place where your glory resides."  

And above that, Isaiah 9:6 - "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

The beautiful inner courtyard in the church of Peace

As we continued through the grounds we came to this building with four little potted lemon trees! I exclaimed with delight at their sight! :)  They brought back tender and sad memories of our own little lemon tree who is no longer with us.

Sanssouci Palace and Vineyards.  

Down the tree-lined lane, around the majestic fountain, up through the vineyards, to admire the yellow palace. A magical experience. 

A party place of the past, we imagined, with carriages and lighted torches and the sound of lively string quartets filling the air. 

We walked past the Sanssouci palace and to the left, finding a downhill pasture with a canopy of trees providing shade amid scattered sunlight. Laura spread her scarf as a blanket and the four of us sat - each on a corner. It felt like our private little place, undiscovered by most visitors and belonging to us for the moment. 

We opened our beverages - ginger beer for Laura, Erdinger for Isaac & Tyler and Club-Mate for me.

We stayed there for a good while. This time remains one of our most cherished and remembered - it was the first time I felt deeply rested in my heart from the chaos of travel and re-connected to our friends. 

As we continued on, we came to the Orangery Palace which had a exotic Mediterranean theme.   

 It was being updated and still under construction. Inside the palace, there was some type of practice going on for a concert that night! Operatic music coming from inside the palace! Disregarding the "closed" and "do not enter" signs we stood at the door, opening it a bit, yearning to hear more of the rapturous music and contemplating walking right in to take a seat. It was almost irresistible! Alas, we turned onward, enchanted by the thought of such a lovely setting for a concert.

The last palace we saw in Potsdam, New Palace. 


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