Wangen, Germany

On our way to the Black Forrest Region in southwest Germany, we stopped in this little town for lunch. We fell in love with it!  There were roses everywhere & a cute water fountain & artwork on the buildings & little clothing stores that reminded me of downtown boutiques at home.


For lunch, we ate at Fidelis. 

This bakery/cafe has been around since 1505 - and it was delicious! 

I remember someone commenting that it felt like a "German Panara" 

Tomato + Zucchini Toast - this is something that I have made many times since at home. So simple and fresh and just delicious. 

Ike & I couldn't resist choosing a baked good as an after-lunch snack on our way out! :) 

This artwork on the buildings - so unique! 

The short amount of time we spent in Wangen was memorably sweet.


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