Basteibruke, Germany

Between Dresden and Prague, near the boarder of Germany and Czech Republic, there is a fantastical bridge called Basteibruke. Remotely located and with some of the best views of our road trip, it is tucked away among rocks. It belongs to a storybook.

I had no idea that Germany had mountains like this!

Following our gps to the bridge at Bastei lead us through the cutest mountainside town. A steamboat was whistling on the river while we drove on tiny cobble streets. Soon, we realized this was not the route to the bridge we were looking for. However, it was no waste of time - the opportunity to see that town at the mountain base at Bastei was a treasure!

Sadly, this is the only photo I have of that little town.

After finding parking, a short tram ride and a 15 minute hike, we arrived at the magnificent bridge.

A breathtaking view down into the valley (the mountainside village we had driven through about an hour before was down there starring back up at us with all of its charm!)

After crossing the bridge and enjoying the view, we hiked a bit further, wanting to experience the bridge from a distance. The reason we had wanted to visit this bridge because it reminded us of The Lord of the Rings. :)  We are glad to have seen it - it was truly epic.


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