Prague, Czech Republic (Part 2)

Our morning in Prague started with a lovely cup of coffee at Misto.  

I remember moments of this morning time -
 the coffee smell was robust.
 I felt relaxed & content.
Our waiter was wearing a bow tie + a fun patterned shirt.
We laughed about the evening before - how awestruck Isaac was at his dinner, the sweet hedgehog, the cherries.
Laura sketched.
I leaned over to take a photo through the archway of the counter area & a man in my viewfinder made gestures and faces in a purposeful attempt to ruin my picture. :) He was in total glee of the power he held over me - the ability to prevent my "candid" photo. 

The wallpaper murals in Misto were so unique and fun! This one reminded me of "the contents of a purse" or "things that you might see on a kitchen counter during a busy week." 

Isaac drank this beautiful Fresh Grapefruit Shakerato 
(espresso + fresh grapefruit juice + simple syrup + ice) 

Exploring "old town" Prague! 

Prague is unique in a few ways:

- It is one of the few cities in that area of the world that was not destroyed during World War II. These buildings are among the oldest we saw during our time in Europe!

- Prague is a collection of many different architectural types and styles including Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Rococo, Baroque, Neoclassical, Cubist, and Functionalist. These various styles can often be seen side by side (as in the Old Town Square above.)

- This city is known to be inexpensive! Unfortunately, it does still contain tourist traps. We found ourselves frustrated by false advertising while purchasing lunch from street vendors in a heavy tourist area.

This beautiful chandelier was inside the Church of St. Nicholas - which was a Baroque style church.  

Old Town Square.

As we were walking through the city center, I kept seeing people carrying this amazing cinnamon roll type cone filled with ice cream! I thought it looked like the most delicious form of an ice cream cone I had ever seen. :) We found the shop selling them, but alas, it was close to lunchtime & I decided I should wait for some real food in case we ran out of koruna (Czech currency).
I still wish I knew if it tasted as amazing as it looked! :)

The Black Madonna building - a famous cubism building with a cubism furniture & design exhibit.

I love the way this staircase looks (in the Black Madonna). It reminds me of a question mark!

The Grand Café Orient on the second floor of the Black Madonna.

The Gothic style Powder Gate which separates old town from new town.

Dazzling gold accents - I appreciate gold's unfading quality so much more after seeing it on very aged buildings. (Construction on this tower began in the 1400's.)  Incredible!

The Municipal Building - known as the city's finest Art Nouveau architecture. We walked inside to find a concert venue and this French restaurant called "Francouzska" on the main floor. It looked lovely!

The clock had an intriguing history. When the Czech Republic was under communist leadership, the citizens were required to be on the same timezone as Moscow and could not reference this clock - which stayed on "local" time. 

Prague was lovely!


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