Mirabell Palace Garden (Salzburg, Austria)

This afternoon in Salzburg was finding us with some travel-weary souls. Our view was cloudy and we needed some time to refocus. We separated as couples and wandered Salzburg.
I had been wanting to see the Mirabell Palace Gardens since we had arrived, so we walked across the Salzach river from where we had spent most of the day & found the Mirabell Palace.

I loved this grand view of the Hohensalzburg Castle. (below)

Ike & I sat in the gardens on a bench under the trees for a long while - talking through some things & trying to help one another refocus on truth.
I loved having that one-on-one time with Isaac & realized how much it helped my soul.

I remember in The Sound of Music Maria & the children ran through this arbor way during the song of her teaching them the basics of singing. :)

All over Europe, I kept seeing roses!
They were stunning. Some grew in ready-made bouquets - so many blossoms on a single stem! 

We strolled through this beautiful baroque garden & dreamed of maybe returning one day.
Salzburg is a place I would love to visit again.



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