Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen stands out in my mind as very different than any other city we visited in Europe.

It was much farther north - the evening that we flew in to Copenhagen, I remember being so cold and shivering the whole way to our airb&b.

Our airb&b was an apartment in 8Tallet - an architectural masterpiece in Copenhagen.

It was our first airb&b experiencing of sharing the apartment with our host family. It could not have been more perfect - they were friendly and hospitable, yet quiet and private. A lovely Danish couple with the most precious baby!

8Tallet is located on the utter edge of Copenhagen, right next to a protected scenic wildlife park. This was the view from our airb&b apartment balcony.

It was a lovely place to stay.

Exploring Copenhagen!


- All the bikes! Way more than cars - sometimes it felt like more bikes than people! :)


- This beautiful china in Klassik - a store we happened upon that I instantly loved!

- Danish Hot Dogs :)

- These simple coffee cups at The Coffee Collective. We sat here for a long while to journal, read and talk.

Our chosen keepsake from our trip was a bag of coffee from here. It had hints of white peach, lilac and lemon peel.

- The Nordic feel of the whole town.

- This street food made by the kind man with an Australian father and Danish mother. As soon as we smelled it we knew that it was what we wanted for lunch. The mango salsa was my favorite part - sooo delicious!



- The little mermaid statue. (I had no idea - but I guess this statute is what inspired the legend of the little mermaid).

- Our last dinner in Denmark was wonderful. We were leaving early the next morning to start our long journey home with an eight hour layover in London. We sat in a dark little corner that felt so cozy and was lite by candlelight. I ordered fish soap and Ike ordered venison and we both just really loved the flavors and beauty of our meal. It was a sweet end to a wonderful time in Copenhagen. Our month away from home was drawing to a close - my heart was warm and overwhelmed with all the beauty we had beheld and all the sweet times we had experienced.


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